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Meet The Mindful Babe

Amy Fausset

Posted on September 17 2018

Meet The Mindful Babe

Meet Valerie Adams, Founder of The Mindful Babe.  We've teamed up with her for TGIM, a weekly celebration of shifting your mindset on Monday to start your week of right and reach your highest potential!  Check out our Instagram every Monday for inspiration curated by The Mindful Babe.


About Valerie Adams

My name is Valerie. I am a Mindset and Abundance Coach specializing in empowering women to break free from a scarcity mindset and live a limitless life of possibility. 

Like many women, I struggled with playing small for a long time and truly believing I was worthy of having all the things I desire. I told myself the same story about why I couldn’t have what I wanted. I lived far below my potential because I didn’t think I deserved success and happiness.

I got tired of my recycled story and under-went a major mindset makeover. Once I realized my beliefs were the ONLY thing standing in my way, I decided to write a new story. I truly live in possibility in this abundant, and limitless Universe and you can too! 



Photos provided by Valerie Adams

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