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  • Lady / Lay Collection

    Girl Gang

    Posted on January 03 2019

    Lady / Lay Collection
    What was the inspiration behind Lady / Lay? We both had office jobs once upon a time...
  • Meet Joyce Lanigan

    Girl Gang

    Posted on December 11 2018

    Meet Joyce Lanigan
    How did you get into the beauty business? By accident!!  In fact, I am the least likel...
  • Meet Mohnia Singh Patel

    Girl Gang

    Posted on December 04 2018

    Meet Mohnia Singh Patel
    What is Shanti Wellness? Can you tell us a little bit about your company? Shanti ...
  • Meet Jill Buck

    Girl Gang

    Posted on November 05 2018

    Meet Jill Buck
    Meet Jill Buck, Director of BCTV and Hair Stylist at 901 Salon.
  • Update: InflowStyle

    Girl Gang

    Posted on October 04 2018

    Update: InflowStyle
    Update with InflowStyle.