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The Edit

Becca Karel | Soul Spirit

Meet Becca Karel, Founder of Soul Spirit.

by Amy Fausset

5 years ago

1.  Tell us about yourself and Soul Spirit?

I am a 29 year old free spirited moon child that enjoys the simple things in life.  I am obsessed with outer space, glitter, mother earth and making sure wherever I go I help spread love and the highest vibes possible. When I'm not working on Soul Spirit, you can find me hiking with my wolfpack, dancing at music festivals, or doing anything creative.

2.  What made you want to leave your job and start your own business?

The job I had wasn't necessarily a bad job, but was just not the job for me. I was simply showing up, doing my job, and going home. I had zero passion, zero purpose and was not inspired by anything I was working on... and as a creative, that just did not sit well with me.  I struggled with this reality I had been living with and knew I had soooooo much more to show this world but just didn't know how to apply it. I wanted to feel fulfilled and like what I was spending all my energy on actually mattered. In the midst of me trying to figure out what I was supposed to "do with my life" a friend suggested that I read the book "The Universe Has Your Back" by Gabby Bernstein. The next few weeks were highly transformative for me. I had no idea what journey this book was taking me on but I felt compelled to finish it and be present with each exercise it taught me.  This book was the catalyst to starting my own business because it gave me the tools to manifest exactly what I was needing. I had begun to meditate daily, set intentions and do some hands on manifesting practices. Through this process I had begun experiencing insane synchronicities and a force I cannot even put into words. It was as if everything I had ever wanted had been dropped down smacking me in that face. Within 4 weeks of starting to read this book I quit my job and started Soul Spirit.

3.  How important is music to you?  I know you love festivals, can you explain how they impact your life and creative process?

OH MAN!  Music is LIFE. Music has impacted my life in more ways then I could ever comprehend.  I attended my first festival in 2010 and I knew from the moment I stepped foot onto the grounds it was somewhere that I belonged. A place to express myself creatively and freely, with the BEST vibes, while dancing to the most insane music --the only word to describe this feeling is MAGIC.  Over the years, festivals have legitimately become my home and a place I feel most myself. Every time I leave a festival I feel so inspired and motivated... I cannot wait to come home and apply that energy towards something I am working on. Festivals are a place where I go to reconnect with myself and realign with my passion & purpose.

4.  Favorite soundcloud mix right now?

Sacha Robotti at Pile Palace Burning Man 2016. I've also been listening to a lot of Grateful Dead lately.

5.  What was the moment you really thought of turning Soul Spirit into a business?  What were the first steps you took to make it happen?

Before Soul Spirit was born, I had just started as a wellness advocate for doTerra where I was also making custom essential oil rollers. I was also working my full time job in digital marketing as web designer. I was sitting on the floor with Amy telling her about this new venture I had started with doTerra but I couldn't fully comprehend the customer journey. She said to me "why don't you just do your own thing" and make 100% of the profits instead of 2%? It was in that moment that something clicked. WHY COULDN'T I just do my own thing? Why would I do all of this work to build my brand only to sell someone else’s products? It didn’t make sense to me and.

Amy asked me to sell my products at this event she was planning in 2 weeks. I snapped into high gear. I filed for a DBA, created a website, and made products to sell.

Fast forward to the the night of the event. I told myself if I made 5 sales I’d be stoked. This would be the Universe’s way of telling me I am on the right track. Well, I made 5 sales in 42 minutes. Amy said, "How about you quit your job at 10 sales". By the end of the night I closed out the evening with 12 sales..... that following Monday I quit my job. This was the first big step I took towards turning Soul Spirit into a real business, and not just a 'side project'.

*Shoutout to my 10th customer Cory Will!

6.  What is your favorite part of being a full-time creative and business owner?

Knowing that my purpose and passion are in full alignment is probably the best feeling in the world. Knowing that what I was put here on earth to do is being lived out. Being able to spend my time the exact way I want to is another amazing part about being a business owner. Having total control over my lifestyle and income is an extremely powerful feeling!

7.  Inspiring words for people wanting to start their own business?

You are always supported by the love of the Universe. When you are ready to lean on the Universe for guidance, you will be led towards the light! JUST JUMP IN and make your life experience all that it could be. After all, we are all stardust anyways!

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