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#TGIM: Week 5 with The Mindful Babe

Amy Fausset

Posted on October 15 2018

When you’re focused you’re hard to reach, when you’re distracted you’re available.


Ever notice that when you have laser beam focus on your goals, that’s when everyone is knocking at your door? People are constantly inviting you to things, and encouraging you to “relax” and join them. When you’re focused, you say the word “No” or “I can’t today” often. 

When you’re distracted, your words are, “Sure, what time?” , “I need to ______ but I can get to that later.”


When you’re focused, you get to make choices about how your day will look. When you’re available, others get to make those choices for you. When you’re distracted, others decide how you spend your time. Others decide when you should “take a break”, everyone BUT you has the pen to your planner. The masses become the dictator of how you should be spending your time. 


Dreams don’t die because you forget about them, dreams die because you replace them with other people, places, and things. 


Are you focused or are you distracted? 

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